Vacation Rentals

2BR/1BA Cabins, $95 per night and up

$120/night and $720/week for Groups of 3.

2BR/1BA, $125 per night and up

$160/night, $960/week and up

3BR/1BA, $157 per night and up

$200 per night, $1,200 per week. 5 person rate, includes 9% tax.

4BR/2BA, $189 per night and up.

$240 per night, $1,440 per week and up. Rate includes lodging for up to 6 guests and 9% sales tax.

5BR/1BA, $189 per night and up

$240 per night. $1,440 per week and up. Includes lodging for 6 guests and 9% tax. Additional guests, $40 per night per person.

All Properties

All properties

StandUp Paddleboards (SUP)

Guests at Gray Ghost Camps also enjoy complimentary use of our water equipment during their stay. Old Town Canoes, Kayaks, Tubes and now Stand Up Paddleboards are free and included with your stay.

Private House Rentals

A more private waterfront experience on Moose River and Moosehead Lake in Rockwood and Sebec Lake in Dover Foxcroft